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Being a wedding planner I have been part of number of weddings which kept on giving me different ideas how to plan one for myself as well. My idea for wedding and dresses kept on changing as one after the other I saw beautiful brides all dressed up in white and ready to take over the world. My search stopped when I found Mark and Debenhams promo codes together one after another.

The story of meeting my life partner can be used to write a script for a movie. Being a workaholic I had very little time to entertain myself. This was the reason I didn’t have any boyfriend since past two years. My parents were concerned as they wanted me to settle down with my life going in right direction.

The every time used to make me go on date with one or the other friend’s son or relative but my answer to all those people was the same, NO. The reason for all this was that I always intended to fall in love with someone of my choice rather other people choosing someone to be my life partner. This is a very big risk which I had to take of my own without blaming anyone else.

debenhams promo code

Once when I was handed over the responsibility to plan a wedding for my friend, I was checking all the preps of my own to make them perfect one. A vendor approached me and handed the parcel from Debenhams which was my friend’s wedding dress and she asked me to collect it as she was out for her beauty treatment appointment.

The vendor when handed me the parcel it was damaged and I was under the impression that the dress might have got ruined too but the vendor made sure that things were under control as the packing is such which cant ruin the dress. Still I kept shouting at the vendor for his non serious attitude, at this moment my friend’s cousin came out of the house and intervened in our discussion.

He recognized the vendor and told me that it was his fault which led to an accident leading to damaged packing…

I still was infuriated but he excused the vendor and calmed me down. That was our first encounter where he helped me in controlling my anger and then these encounters kept on getting more and more often.

Mark had a quite impressing personality and on that his way of dealing with people was more attractive. After meeting Mark I at times felt that I should have a floral shop as well as he was good with impressing people. I started liking him and this led to him proposing me.

My wedding dress was also ordered from Debenhams as their wedding gowns were very appealing. The day my dress got delivered by the same vendor I recalled my first encounter with Mark on my friend’s wedding. I apologized to the vendor for my bad attitude towards him and Mark invited him to our wedding.

The wedding dress was one of its kind as it made me and my event decoration look out of this world. Mark was really impressed with my preps and event’s presentation which he used to appreciate since the time we met. I was so happy that I got someone as my life partner who considered my work as something to appreciate as well.

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